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Pastures at Moore Family Farm Watseka, farmers for Prairieland CSA.
photo by David Riecks

Started by members of Common Ground Food Cooperative, Prairieland Community Supported Agriculture has linked consumers in Champaign and Urbana, Illinois, who are interested in buying locally produced pesticide-free food and the farmers who grow it since 1994. PCSA's founders also co-created CSA-L, the first list-serve that allowed CSA farmers in the U.S. and around the world to exchange information and mentor those hoping to start CSAs. CSA-L was adopted by Local Harvest when Prairienet closed and has since morphed into the CSA Forum. We are very proud of our history, the farmers we support, and the food that they provide to our community, including lower-income households via our Sponsored Shares Program. Thanks to the members of PCSA and Common Ground Food Coop who support this program through direct donations and CGFC's Round Up for Good Program.

Prairieland Community Supported Agriculture
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Photo courtesy David Riecks Photography
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